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Kilmacolm Meadow was formally part of a large estate called Old Hall situated to the North of Kilmacolm.  In 1957 it was broken up and sold to Samuel Berry who was the farmer at Planetreeyetts Farm and other Landowners. 

The Kilmacolm Meadow is made up from two enclosures of land (4752 & 5444) within the original Old Hall boundaries. 


​​This land was used in the past for occasionally for grazing, but most importantly the land has not been farmed or turned over for at least 35 years. 


This means that there is a huge diversity of plants and insects compared to the neighbouring fields and other fields around Kilmacolm and this is something that takes many years to form. 


Because of the wide range of wild flowers and grasses, the ​Meadow sustains an extremely large number and range of pollinating insects.

The Scottish Government announced in July their 2017 - 2027 Pollinator Strategy to make Scotland a more pollinator friendly place by protecting indigenous bee and butterfly populations. You can read all about it HERE you can also go to our Nature page HERE

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