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Where is Kilmacolm Meadow?


Kilmacolm Meadow is located in the greenbelt to the northwest of Kilmacolm. The Meadow is bounded on the south by the rear gardens of houses on Port Glasgow Road, on the east by the rear gardens of houses in Meadow Court on Wateryetts Drive, on the north side by the rear gardens of houses on houses in Springwood Drive, and by fields to the west (then Kilmacolm Cemetery Road). 


It is approximately 12 acres in size!

It is the only safe open space at the west of the village which is not grazed by cattle or used to grow crops.

The best access for pedestrians is from the roundabout in Wateryetts Drive and across the Inverclyde Council-owned public land up to the fence.

There are three directions you can walk in the Meadow:

  1. The path to the left along behind the properties on Port Glasgow Road for a clockwise walk

  2. The centre path up to the central dry stone wall and onwards or back clockwise or anti-clockwise

  3. The path to the right along the fence for an anti-clockwise walk

At the far end of the Meadow there is also the opportunity to continue into the fields around the Cemetery - remember that these fields are farmed - so keep to the edges!

Kilmacolm Meadow
Kilmacolm Meadow Greenspace Map
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